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1 Custom Solution for all your Needs

A custom solution is different for everyone and we strive to provide the most comprehensive system possible.  Whether you are looking to consolidate your current outsourced practice options into one streamlined reliable system, or you are looking for a team that can help you with every part of your practice, PBO is your solution.

We pride ourselves on quality, service and the ability to provide a solution no matter what you might need.

In addition by streamlining and consolidating your outsourced needs we can help grow your bottom line, making our service something that pays for itself.

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Some Of Our Services

revenuemanagmentRevenue Cycle Management

Billing – Claims – Statements – Full Reports

PBO’s team of experienced professionals will streamline your system by filing claims electronically through our GE medical billing software, getting you paid faster with fewer denials. They process and submit primary and secondary insurance claims.  Within 24 hours of submission, their claim validation software alerts us to incomplete claims that need further attention before processing. We check for and post Medicare electronic payments daily. We process and mail monthly patient statements.

Accounts PayableAccounts Payable

Simplifying and standardizing the accounts payable process is important to any successful business. Accounts payable software is often expensive and complicated to learn leading to error and lost production time of staff. Physician’s Business Office not only has the tools to efficiently streamline the accounts payable process, we also have the expertise, meaning you can rest assured that this aspect of your business is covered.

StaffingStaffing and Training

At Physician’s Business Office, we understand the importance of a quality staff. We also understand the constantly evolving complexities surrounding recruitment, training and payroll and benefits management. When we are tasked with meeting the needs of your employees, you have more time to do what you do best, patient care.

EMRElectronic Medical Records

Physician’s Business Office offers a fully comprehensive, state-of-the-art EMR system from GE Eccentricity. Highlights of this system include the ability to streamline patient visits, automatic reminders that alert you to needed tests or procedures, increased coding and patient documentation accuracy, CCHIT NCQA, on-site training, one simple monthly fee, the ability to tailor software to practice and individual needs and much more. Ultimately, the GE EMR system benefits the patient, physician, the staff and the bottom line.

PCMHPatient Center Medical Home

The widely adapted Patient Centered Medical Home approach to primary care offers many benefits to caregiver and patient, but requires much coordination and communication. Physician’s Business Office can help facilitate this team-based model of healthcare.

Patient Management

Complete Patient Management

The care of your patients is paramount, and with PBO you can rest knowing that they will be taken care of before and after their visit. Complete patient care means a full array of services from scheduling visits, to automatic reminders and follow up visit if necessary. When you work with PBO you can relax knowing that your patients will get top notch service to match your level of care.


Physician’s Business Office has the expertise and are well equipped to handle the process and ongoing maintenance of your practice’s credentialing needs. Our proactive and efficient approach to credentialing ensures reliable results that prevent loss of time and/or revenue from your practice.

Compliance PlansCompliance Plans

With the constant changing world of regulations,  insurance adjustments, medicare, billing and claim handling it is important for any practicing physician to have a compliance plan in place. PBO develops and keeps up to date a compliance plan in order to ensure that your practice does not fall behind or finds itself in a tight spot.

Group PracticeGroup Practice Management

Physician’s Business Office can work with any size of practice, whether it’s a single doctor or a group. Their complete practice management solution provides a comprehensive system to combine new or existing practices under one system.  Allowing PBO to manage your needs means that every physician will get the best service, with completely compatible systems.

Group Practice

Medical Group Consultation

Rapid  changes in medical practices and structure have caused physicians to ecaluate their current situation and how they are going to deal with the future. These changes also require physicians to re-evaluate their practice model and how they operate on a daily basis. It is no longer acceptable to simply accept the payment that comes to the practice. Today’s environment requires active management and reporting. It is easy to be distracted in the everyday urgent aspects of your practice, we want to help you take the time to review the important as well. In order to deal with this current environment Physician’s Business Office can assist medical groups in a variety of ways.


Practice Analysis

We can evaluate you revenue cycle from beginning to end to insure that you are capturing all of your charges and optimizing payment.


Patient Management

Group Practice Administration 

The complex nature of the Board of the Board of Directors of a medical practice can be a daunting challenge. We can help guide you through changes and insure stability for the practice. This would include regular follow up and changes in group administration. We can work with your attorney to evaluate and plan for changes in the way the group makes decisions and assist in evaluating alternative forms of organization.


Physician Coaching

Job satisfaction for physicians is at historically low levels. We can help you evaluate your current situation from all aspects and then develop goals and implementation strategies to improve your current situation. We will do an extensive evaluation and then follow up the long term on a regular basis.