Management Services Organization

Management Services Organization

Hospitals and Insurance Companies have acquired physician practices over the past few years to develop an integration strategy.   Unfortunately because administering medical practices is not in their field of expertise most of these acquired practices are losing significant amounts of money.  Physicians Business Office can help in the design or redesign of the owned practice to make them more profitable for the parent organization.

A few of the problems we have identified include:

  • A lack of control and decision making by the physician
  • Improperly aligned incentives which tend to create an adversarial relationship
  • Lack of timely and useful feedback
  • High turnover and recruiting costs

What we can do:

  • Increase profitably to the practice
  • Increase physician job satisfaction
  • Implement patient centered medical home
  • Improve recruiting and retention success

Why it works:

  • Physicians feel more in control
  • Physicians understand data and how to use it once they are informed
  • Develop a win- win philosophy